#Printmaking the Exeter connection.

Everything I paint or print has its origins in my time spent at Exeter College of Art and Design. This establishment has sadly been closed for several years now and looks like the physical building itself will soon disappear.

Whatever Happened to the Space Age


Original painting by Peter Bright.

Media: Painting and Screen Print on canvas, signed and dated 2011.

Size: 500mm x 400mm


As an 11 year old I watched the first moon landing in 1969. I was mad about everything to do with space travel, I would read anything that was about rockets, cosmonauts and astronauts. Later in my life I shook the hand of a man who shook the hand of my all time hero Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, that was for me like touching history, if only secondhand (excuse the pun).

I was rummaging through old boxes of stuff and found the newspaper cutting of an astronaut on the moon – yellowed and faded – it still makes my heart flutter. I wish I’d been to the moon.

The photos below are of the deserted building in Earl Richards Road North in Exeter the site of the former Exeter College of Art and Design. The building belongs to The University of PlymouthContinue reading →

3D studio Former woodwork studio Figure on front of building Front entrance to building Corridor in building Workshop Looking into 3D studio from driveway Woodwork studio/workshop 3D studio Metal workshop Entrance hall of building Corridor Front of Exeter College of Art and Design