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Society of Independent Artists Aquetin carried out an experiment studying the light passing through the colored panes of glass in his veranda. Bernard wrote and commented on this experiment, ‘Aquetin observed the light streaming through the coloured panes of a glazed door and noticed … Continue reading → 

Swingboats in Woolacombe

The winter population of Woolaconbe is very small (around 1,000), but during the summer large numbers of people come to the village for their holidays. Many are motivated to visit because of the excellent surfing conditions found locally. There are many hotels, holiday flats and bed and breakfast establishments, and most of the entertainment opportunities are aimed at tourists. A long-established attraction in the centre of the village was a crazy golf course which featured North Devon landmarks for the holes, the unique model buildings being constructed from the various types of stone found in the local area. This attraction was demolished and rebuilt as a pirate themed crazy golf course in 2010.

Photograph taken with a Pentax P30 35mm camera using an out of date roll of Kodak Gold film (Kodak GT 800-4).