Making notes on paintings – WordPress app

WordPress app – notes on a remembered painting – stolen from

Notes on Painting :

  1. The act of being creative is a love hate thing – The Beauty and The Beast someone fetch a priest (ref. David Bowie).
  2. Action Painting – Pollock. Print dribbled paint.
  3. Soft pink landscapes (1980) Richard Hamilton A landscape of soft focus and toilet paper – a turgid landscape. Collotype and Screenprint – text and image. A remembered exhibition.
  4. Stoned Moon Series’ was Rauschenberg’s ambitious response to the American space program and the landmark Apollo 11 mission that put Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface in July 1969.
  5. Being overpowered by a Rothko exhibition.
  6. Being overpowered by a Gerhard Richter exhibition.
Below: WordPress app – tested on a train – post first published on

The WordPress app is a handy little tool, the stats data you see is the same data you see when at your blog’s web dashboard. This includes ‘Views by Country’ and ‘Top Posts & Pages’. If your blog is a self-hosted blog you can enable the stats in the app by installing the free Jetpack plugin into your web dashboard.

I struggle with this app – but I like it and is it is perfect for making notes on the go.

The WordPress app has traditionally been a twitchy thing and unfortunately it still is when using some blog templates – images disappear and code becomes meaningless spaghetti. The best use for this app is as an optimizing tool, using the stat capability. If you want to post something on the go then just use the text fields and ignore inserting media. Having tested this app on an iPhone and a Sony Xperia, the android version worked better for me.

The post below was created using the WordPress app on a Sony Xperia:

Just been to a house in Wimbledon and on the wall was one of my paintings. An interesting rediscovery after a long train journey from North Devon.

An oil of a knife, a pair of scissors, a spoon on a tiled surface. I must have painted it about ten years ago. I’d forgotten all about it.